W ell, full disclosure – we’re not talking about literal stalking. You definitely don’t want to be creeping around in your customer’s bushes, unless you’re Sean Spicer.

But you do want to know everything you can about who your consumer is, what makes her tick, and what pushes him to purchase what you have to sell.

Consumer Profiling is the tool that we use to remind companies and organizations who is listening to them.


Stacey Miller, 45
• Lives in the Chicago Suburbs
• Is Head of HR for Motorola
• Married with two kids who play soccer, take flute lessons, and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
• Husband is a 10th Grade biology teacher
• Has a master’s degree
• Spends two weeks on international vacation in the summer, heads to their quaint condo in St. Thomas in winter.
• Drives a Volvo SUV
• Shops at Lord & Taylor, Whole Foods, and online for boutique clothing brands and household items

Amazing. It’s almost like Stacey is a real person.

It’s much easier to create relevant and compelling messages for your customers, if you know who they are. There are many Staceys out there – thousands, in fact. And they may be in the market for your product. If you know what drives them, what influences them, where they “Live, Work, and Play” – you’ll have a very strong advantage in capturing their attention.